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Hey vyzaniaris31,

Here is a link to get some PDM's simulator to the one Zac is using in the lesson.

I jumped the gun on ebay and won two 12085271 crimpers if anyone is looking for one.

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What other options outside of ideal 45-1987 and 45-2133 Wire Strippers are available that work well with Tefzel wire down to 22g ?

Hi HPAcadamy,

According to Element14, Raychem SCL is no longer manufactured.

Can you recommend an alternative?


Hey Nick and Anthony,

if you guys want to email me at I can get you what ever you need.

Hey Matt these are the correct strippers for m22759 wire. This has a barrel type cutter that is made for the smaller insulation



Do you know off hand what brand/model bench vise you guys use in the video's?


Go to jay car, they’re about $35 each.

Awesome, thank you!