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Hey vyzaniaris31,

Here is a link to get some PDM's simulator to the one Zac is using in the lesson.

I jumped the gun on ebay and won two 12085271 crimpers if anyone is looking for one.

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What other options outside of ideal 45-1987 and 45-2133 Wire Strippers are available that work well with Tefzel wire down to 22g ?

Hi HPAcadamy,

According to Element14, Raychem SCL is no longer manufactured.

Can you recommend an alternative?


Hey Nick and Anthony,

if you guys want to email me at I can get you what ever you need.

Hey Matt these are the correct strippers for m22759 wire. This has a barrel type cutter that is made for the smaller insulation



Do you know off hand what brand/model bench vise you guys use in the video's?


Go to jay car, they’re about $35 each.

Awesome, thank you!

What is the string called used to wrap wires before sheathing or taping

lacing cord

Hi, does anyone know where to get Open barrel crimp tool M 12-5271 in Europe?

Hi Macke

Mousse EU sell that crimper. It will cost around 120€

sup fellas,

can anyone recommend a thermal printer?

Hi guys, can somebody confirm for me if the crimper's in the tool aid master terminal service kit will crimp Honda B and K ECU terminals, and engine sensor terminals? I've no problem buying the full kit as I can't find the blue and red handled crimpers in stock anywhere separately in Irl/UK online, or if someone knows of a place they can be bought separately online in Irl/UK that would be great


Johan. I picked up this one for a reasonable price.


Does anyone know a good supplier for TXL or Tezel wires in europe? Most of suppliers listed here are for US or Australia regions.

rs-online sells Tefzel. Only in white for the majority of the awg range

Go through your links, some are dead. Also make it where it opens another tab vs going to it on this window. you have to go "back" to come back to the conversation

What is a good harness sheathing that you can slide over connectors and then pull along the wire bundle to contract down to form a tight fit and protect them from abrasion but still hold up to the heat in the engine bay?

Just wanted to say, had I taken this course before I started blindly purchasing crimping tools, I could have easily paid for this course with the money spent on the wrong tools:)

Thanks Zac!

Dear I am starting to source the material but seems that the raychem SCL-1/4-0-STK is not produced anymore ... that’s the info I’ve got from the Belgian version from the element14 website .. Thx

Hey Guys, I've found a cheap ratcheting crimping tool for brass open barrel splices mentioned. It's only 40 bucks and it works pretty well.

For the EU folks, a lot of stuff (Tefzel wire, DR-25, SCL, Kepton tape, expandable braids, etc.) can be found on

Note: I don't have any affiliation with them, just a customer.

For the heat gun in Australia I found this $149 AUD

DeWalt D26414K-XE 2000W Digital LED Heatgun Combo Kit