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Crank trigger wiring

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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So this question comes about from a discussion with a few different people.

One side of the fence says that trigger wiring (with shielded cables) can be bundled into the wiring harness and have no effect on the signal, and the other saying that they should be separated in their entirety from the rest of the loom due to signal noise.

now obviously were not talking about running the trigger wiring with high current fan wiring, but I’m of the opinion that it shouldn’t matter with injector wiring and ignition trigger etc.

Look forward to hearing what people thing.

Cheers team.

I have never seen any drama with trigger wiring in the main bundle with everything else. I have never seen a professional or OEM loom seperate them. Even many OEMS such as BMW and Ford have ignitors built inside the ECU so they have the primary ignition wires (200V+ spike with every spark) bundled right next to the trigger wires. The only thing I would never bundle it with is CDI primary wires.

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