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Crimper question

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Hey guys,

I recently purchased the Tool Aid 18700 Master Terminal Tool Kit and had a question about this product. I know in the motorsport harness building course, the DMC crimpers are primarily used to crimp the connectors for the autosport connectors. I know this would be the ideal tool to use, but would I be able to get away with most crimp connections with the Tool Aid kit, as the price point for the DMC is substantially larger and my budget does not allow for that yet, though I hope in future it will.


Those crimpers will not work for the Autosport connectors since they have a fixed contact depth, and non adjustable wire gage size. That set is meant for like the DT plastic connectors etc.

Unfortunately to go to that level of harness tool investments get quite steep.

I figured as much, but was worth asking the question. Guess it’s club level harness for the time being.