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So I bought the crimpers in the course materials - they DONT crimp the large open barrel splices (or at least I cant make any of them do it well).

Can someone recommend a good, cost effective open (or closed) barrel crimper that would allow you to crimp 10,000 cma?

Hello Matthew,

A crimp tool for the large open barrel splices (62357-1), I find I get good results with the F die on the Delphi/GM 12085115 (Sargent 3190CT). For the medium sized splice (63130-2) the A die on Delphi/GM 12085271 (Sargent 3187CT) works nicely.

An alternative to the open barrel splices are TE Solistrand closed barrel splices. Easier to use I find and a good intermediate between the open barrel splices and the Raychem Mini Seal splices. 34130 is for 500-3200CMA, 34137 is for 2050-5180CMA and 34138 is for 5180-13100CMA. They do require a different style of crimp tool, either a W crimp, or Hex crimp work exceptionally well. They have larger CMA ones available if required, as well as ring terminals. I use the Rennsteig PEW12 available here (the grey & black ones are very aesthetically pleasing) with the TE Solistrand die set (part number- 624 662 3 0 RT), however this die set, or this die set used with the PEW12 also get acceptable results and are cheaper. The Knipex pn- 97 52 30 is also a tool that gets good results.

As a side note, I have no affiliation with the website linked to. I am just always impressed with their level of customer service, they are also a Rennsteig dealer and they have good products... and as an added bonus for you, they are in the US.

Thank you so much

That site is where I bought all the course crimpers from

i ordered some closed barrel units and will first try out the knipex as I’m not a professional

they will work the largest closed barrel above? I’m doing a body harness so my splices often include 12-16awg wires

The Knipex will crimp the 34138 (5180-13100 CMA) closed barrel splices. If you require the next size up they are part number 34318 (note the 3 & 1 are switched around.. I haven't just written the same part number mistakenly) available here, these do 13,100-20,800 CMA but these will require a different tool to the Knipex one. You could try this tool, as it does the correct size & style of crimp for, however I can't vouch for the quality as I have never used it... although at that price it won't hurt to give it a try.

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