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Crimping tool

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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this Is my first post here

I used to make rally wiring

But i want to make it in more professional way using terminals like used in oem connector and crimp it so i can make wiring with my own color code without a single cut or soldering

I searched for terminl used in 1jz, called 090-II Terminal

My question is what is the terminal name and size used in oem 1jz and Evo and what kind of crimping tool can do it coz i found alot of different tools

I have the same question. I have done some research on this and have found the following

JZ Wire Terminals appear to be mostly Sumitomo 8100-0461 which are similar to the Yazaki TS090 Connectors

Possible Crimpers

Rennsteig PEW-12 w/ Die

624 1609 3 01 RT Link

624 1673 3 012 RT Link


Paladin Tools

Die PA2033

Can Someone confirm these tools?

I am trying to put my toolbox together and would also like advise on a proper crimper for these terminals.

Thanks Community.

Hey guys.

I've got a heap of relatively expensive crimping tools in the toolbox, but the one I'd pull out for these terminals would be this one: http://www.msel.co.nz/epages/motorsportelectronics.sf/en_NZ/?ObjectPath=/Shops/motorsportelectronics/Products/TOOCRIGP

Its a pretty cheap, commonly available tool. You'll need to do a few test crimps to dial in the pressure to apply, and the die size to use, but you'll be able to get a professional result out of it. This cheap tool style seems to come in three common versions, all have the same frame, but different dies stamped into them. This version has a really good mix of barrel crimp sections for the smaller copper connection crimp, and circular crimp dies for the wire insulation strain relief crimp.

A bit different if you're tooling up to go into production, but for the occasional loom build, this tool is really invaluable. The reformatted wiring course goes into it in much more detail.

I wonder if you could suggest more tools for the following terminals?

1. ECU Terminal - Tyco 175268-1 or 175265-1 (1mm or 1.8mm)



2. OEM Connectors - Sumitomo 8100-0461 - TS090


3. EV1 type A


4. Aptiv metri-pack 150


5. Deustch DT, DTM, DTP

6. Standard Closed Barrel Splices and Terminals

7. Standard Open Barrel Terminals

I appreciate the help. it's tough making decisions!

G'day Drew.

This kit here is complete gold: http://www.toolaid.com/node/1163

Its got your closed barrel DTP, DT and DTM tools, plus two general purpose open barrel crimp tools. That kit, and the one I've linked to above from MSEL will cover you for all the terminals you've listed, but you'll need to perform test crimps on all of them, and document what die size works the best with each terminal and wire combination. It'd be great to have the manufacturer specified tool for every terminal, but its just not financially feasible.

For brass open barrel splices, this tool: https://www.milspecwiring.com/CRIMPER-UNIVERSAL-OPEN-BARREL_p_403.html is really great, as the linkage gives you a bit more mechanical advantage, and the stiff dies don't flex.

Even when working on high level racecars, those are the tools that get pulled out of my toolbox most often :-).

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