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Does everyone use pinout sheets or do you build a diagram?

What program does everyone use to build custom diagrams?

G'day David. I use Google sheets for my pinout / wiring connection documents. As they're a pretty simple doc, google sheets works well, and its always there as long as you have an internet connection. For physical layout documents, there are software packages out there, (google harnware and rapid harness) but they're pretty pricey! I usually tidily hand-draw mine. I'm experimenting with a couple of vector software packages to try and come up with a nice, cheaper solution, but there is no way I've found of getting around the problem of having to draw all the connector boots and bodies... Although I'm starting to come to the conclusion that it might not really be necessary, as simple boxes could still make for a tidy document, with call-outs to specify what the actual part is.