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Deutsch DT closed vs open barrel terminal

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What considerations should be taken when choosing between the Deutsch DT closed and open barrel terminals? The closed barrel seems easier to crimp with less trial and error but don't provide the same strain relief as the closed ones.

I much prefer the closed barrel solid terminals. They grip the wire alot better, (provided the wire is the correct size). And this is shown if you read the Deutsch DT tech sheet. They both are rated fo the same current, (13a I think for DT) but the solid contacts have a higher tensile force rating when crmiped to the wire.

The problem with the solid contacts is they cost more, and they only work well if you select correct wire size. Using less than perfect wire size will easily pull out. The open u-barrel contacts are a bit more forgiving of variations in wire size, and there have been times where i have intentionally used the open contacts to suit a mis-match in wire sizes. You can fold over and double up the wire to fill up a solid contact if the need arises, and this will allow you to use a thinner guage wire in a larger solid contact. Although its best to size the wire and terminals and connectors to the application if you can.

I also find the closed barrel contacts much quicker/easier to use. Less fiddling around will save time. Maybe thats because i have done so many now i can do them with my eyes closed.

I have also only ever seen one closed barrel terminal fail connection (dry joint) to the wire at the crimp in my entire carear (10+yr). So, i consider them extremely reliable, (again, provided the wire is sized correctly.)