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Deutsch DT Connectors for 12v and earth convention?

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I want to use Deutsch DT 2 pin connector at for providing 12v and earth to a removable sensor. Is there a convention about which Deutsch DT pin is used for 12v+ and which is used for earth or does everyone just do it differently?

I have always like the conventions that voltages rise with the pin numbers. This makes it easy for me to remember pinouts for harnesses I built. So for a two-pin power connector, pin1 is ground/earth and pin2 is power. For a 4-pin connector with Power and CAN, I will use Ground, Can Lo, Can Hi, Power.

If I have an 8-pin connector with both 5v and 12V sensors, the order would be Shield, 0V, Signals (however many), 5V, 12V.

Of course many other vendors have their own schemes, and as long as they stay consistent, I have no problem. When they aren't consistent, it's a sign of a lack of overall vision and/or rigor in their engineering. Usually it means that different groups, individuals or even companies developed the interfaces.

Awesome response. And very helpful. Thanks David.

Good idea, David. Different people may have different 'defaults', though, so something for others to bear in mind.

I would also suggest making sure you record the pin arrangements in hard copy (written down) rather than rely on 'phone or memory, that can fail.

It also gives anyone else working on the vehicle a record of the wiring to refer to.

Oh I have a spreadsheet (actually hundreds of them) for every harness I've ever built. Goes back 20 years.

I might get a small plastic tag for each connector indicating the pin assignment.

Sorry, David, didn't mean granny-egg - it was directed to Shaun, and others working on their own vehicles, as memory is fallible (least ways, mine is).

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