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DTM open barrel pins

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Hi Guys,

What's your opinion on those?

Any experience? Especially on crimping and pinning/de-pinning

Can they be considered a) reliable and b) a budget solution, assuming that the expensive crimping tool can be skipped?

Does it still make sense to use the DT range connectors without the closed-barrel pins? I mean they are still robust, compact, bootable ect...


They work great, though a bit more time consuming. Just make sure you've got a good crimper

The genuine open barrel pins I haven't had a problem with. The open barrel pins supplied with knock-off DTM's from aliexpress or similar seem very average in quality though.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Zac, are those possible to crimp wih the suggested general purpose crimping tools, or a special tool is anyway needed?

No special tool required, just use a good open type crimper that will fold in the wings and crimp the top properly and use the appropriate gauge wire for the pins.