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Earthing battery in boot to engine or chassis

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just watched the star point earthing video and its mentioned that the battery negative should be earthed to the engine. My car has the battery relocated to the boot and is earthed to the body of the car, the previous owner did this and it never seemed to give me any problems, should I change this and run a new cable from the negative terminal straight to the engine block? What is the downside to the current setup?

Hey Kenny, as long as you have a clean and reliable ground to the body in the boot and a clean, reliable connection from the engine block to the body in the front, you should be all set. There is no real downside, a lot of manufactures run this same setup without any problems.


Also consider the surface area of what you're clamping to the chassis too, I usually try to make the clamping surface area double the cross sectional area of cable its self, just to be super sure it's going to get those angry electrons across.

Don't go too crazy big though or you'll never get it all flat\contacting.

Hi guys,

To earth the cable, what type of connection to the chasis is good to use?

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