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Hey people (:

I've got a simply question..

At moment I'm designing the new loom. I need a suggestion from you guys.

Do you think as a main harness I can put the data logger wires and the ECU wires together to make the concentric twist?

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You can certainly do that. But why the need for a concentric twist -- just to say you can?

Ahhh the answer is: yes :)

Aslo I haven’t found any other course on this website apart from concentric twist. Actually I got bit lost when I was design the new loom, the reason was: I need connect few wires from ECU to sensors. I also need connect from the data logger to the sensors and last but not least, ECU to Data logger, said that, some sensors will share the same energy supply..

So in my mind it’s bit confused

ECU>Sensors .

Data logger>Sensors.

ECU>Data logger.

Power supply >ECU>Data logger.