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ECU Grounding

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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After watching the Adaptronic video and the several videos related to grounding, I just wanted to clear something up. It is mentioned that you never want to ground the ECU to both the block and the chassis which makes perfect sense. In the case of an LS harness it has grounds for the ignition coils that are placed on the back of the cylinder heads, yet there is a main ECU ground that is attached at the chassis.

It is clear that you want to keep your loop area small with the ignition coils to reduce noise, but does that count as grounding the ECU to the block AND the chassis? If so, should one just remove the head grounds and move them backwards to the firewall?


The LS coils should have the main power ground connecting to the cyl head and a separate signal ground that connects to the ECU. Does yours have both the grounds connected to the cyl head?

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