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I'm looking to extend my ecu harness harness using the two connectors below. The extension would be about 3.5 feet long. Do I need to worry about any shielding cables or can I use normal TXL 18 gauge wiring? I linked below the connector, pins, and ecu adapter below. Also, will my standard Delphi weatherpack crimpers ([url=] work? I'm find with buying new better crimpers if needed assuming their affordable (

3.5 feet is probably a little longer than I'd suggest running with no shielding for your engine speed and position sensors. If I'm making an adaptor harness I generally keep the length to under 1 foot and I've had no issue doing so without shielding the mission critical inputs but 3.5 feet is potentially inviting disaster. It's one of those things where you 'could' get away with it but in my opinion it's easier to just run shielded wire and then you have peace of mind that it's not going to be an issue.

Unfortunately the weather pack crimpers won't do the job with those terminals as they are designed to crimp the rear part of the terminal over a seal and hence the diameter of the die is considerably larger than what you need.