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ECU jumper harness help?

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Hey everybody! I am looking for some clarification on how people are making ECU jumper harnesses. I have an AE86 that I have swapped a BEAMS 3SGE into. I found the ECU connector head (the part that is soldered into the circuit board), and I am wondering how different companies are attaching wire leads to each of the terminals to from the OEM ECU connector head that they run to the connectors for the new ECU. Soldering isn't ideal because it'll melt, introduce corrosion, time consuming, and space constraints. I haven't found a crimp terminal that looks like it would work well for this application, but I could definitely be looking in the wrong places.

Thanks in advance!

I don't know the answer to your question but I am also interested in the same thing.

I dont get on here much, but i'll entertain the answer. They're soldered in place and then heatshrinked on for majority of the patch harnesses on the market. If you can find a "diybob" on diyautotune.com, it would be a worthwhile answer(although i think their size could be reduced to help it in smaller areas)

For soldering directly to the pins, i recommend cutting back all the pins to about 15mm max, and clipping all unused pins on the harness as far as possible.

the final answer is to build your own "diybob" style unit. This would require the use of pcb cad based software, drafting the board, sending it out to a company like pcbway.com , and designing a box for it to fit into. this isn't for the faint of heart and is usually only done for serious people involved in some form of production runs.

best of luck! - mitch

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