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Does anyone happen to know what kind of wires are included in the ECUMAster Black bundle? Are they suitable to use in the coil pack sub harness?

ECUMaster UK and Ireland refuse to tell me since I bought the product from another dealer in Poland (saved £300+ on the same package though so don't blame me..).


We have only had the ECU and connector kit here at HPA and not a full harness so I can't tell you sorry. I would be surprised if the harness isn't made from a suitable quality wire such as TXL though so I can't see any problem that you would likely experience. If in any doubt just email the company you purchased through.

Hi Andre.

Thanks for the reply and apologies, I forgot to subscribe thus only seeing the reply now.

In the end I removed the OEM coils and replaced them with AUdi R8. This allowed me to remove the igniter and I am running the provided power cable and for signal I am using 20AWG txl wiring.