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I will be wiring a Link Xtreme Standalone Ecu as a piggy back on a Accord Euro so we can keep the A/C , cruise and all those features . What I would like to ask in doing this should I just cut the wires that I will be using for the link ecu of the oem loom and have them attached on the link harness or use them on both ecu's ? For example the injectors should they go only on the link ecu or on both ?

As well as the power to the ecu's should I make a new line as described in the course or together with the oem ecu ?

Thank you .

The Link will do A/C perfectly fine so you can run that off the Link, although won't do cruise control unless E-Throttle.

In order for the factory ECU to be happy and control things it will still need to see sensors. So you will most likely need to pair sensors into both ecus, Water temp, air temp, map (or better yet run a separate map for the Link), TPS etc. Then only wire the injectors and Coil to the Link.

If you pair the injectors to both ecu's you will have both computers trying to fire the injectors at different MS.

Basically you want the Factory ECU think its doing its job but when actually the outputs just aren't going anywhere.

Thank you Chris . The reason that I got the Xtreme and not any other version is due to the E-throttle as I believe it will be best to be controlled from the Link rather than the oem ecu .

So if I understand correctly I will only have to separate the injectors while all the other functions can be used on both ecu's . Does the ignition need to be used on both ecu's ?

When you say to run a separate map on the link for air/water temp etc. do you mean wiring them all just on the link ecu ?

Also how would I be able to know if the a/c is can operated or conventional ?

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