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Electrical supplies in europe

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I have seen alot of links come by with electrical suppliers from all over.

Ive been googling for a while now and i cant seem to find a website for automotive electrical supplies in europe(shipping to the Netherlands). So if you know some, hit me up. looking for stuff like splices, heat shrink with glue, connectors. txl wire. Focused on automotive, not on building.

thanks in advance!


This is where i bought some of my stuff

The wire i bought from elektro-snel it is rated -30 to 105 gr c


Depends on what you need, yet some of the bigger ones are:





to name a few.

I am from Germany and have a pretty large stock of material for my harness building. Depends on what you need I can sell you some as I buy most stuff in bulk anyways.

I used few times this one also: