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Emi Ferrite Toroids on Ignition Harness

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Hey guys.

I have a coil on plug conversion harness that comes with a hondata CPR unit. I am going to redo this engine harness and was going to include the cop harness in with everything else. One loom.

The thing is, the Hondata harness has a very large ferrite Toroids just before the ignition coils. I assume this was hondata's way of fixing the "misfire" complaint they had when the product was first released. The problem is, the Toroid is not labeled and Hondata is not very willing to release the information about the Toroid other than don't touch it.

So does anyone have any insight into why they choose to run this instead of say shielded cable or another solution. Any idea what mix or type they might have used for the emi coming from Honda coils?

Anyone have any experience with these?