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Entirely confused and frustrated by companies selling overrated components

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I purchased the wiring courses so I could do things correctly, yet now I am caught off guard by all the components I have purchased from “professional” companies. Do I need to be concerned that my enormous investment in my car will burn to the ground?

For example, Painless Performance’s 70217 CirKit 7 way relay box, has 2 relay/breakers that they say are rated for 40 amps each and will provide 80 amps of service combined to the 7 devices. First off, only 3 are on one and 4 on the other, so that is the first issue, and most importantly the two power wires that run to each relay/breaker are an extra thin insulation 10AWG TXL which is rated for 30amps @ 7.3 feet, yet they are 10 foot runs, and a far cry from the over 40 amps they should be to not pose an issue. They are currently looking into my concern and will call me back.

Another is AEM’s Wideband gauge, with a 22 AWG wire and 10 amp fuse recommendation! What?! Where do they come up with this stuff as it is clearly a 7 amp limit (don’t remember the distance), but is again about a 10 foot run. Thankfully, I confirmed in the specs that it should not exceed 2 amps, so I will use a 3 amp fuse. I called the company, and the tech department was speechless.

I ran into the same issues with other components. Even the OEM harness looks to use 20 AWG.

Why are these standards ignored? When I wire something in my house, it needs to be done to code, and it would be a life-threatening hazard to do otherwise and overload the wire. Why and how are companies getting away with doing this to consumers?

Because its the aftermarket and people have value engineered themselves out of reputable vendors.

Glad to hear I am not crazy for thinking this way.

Not to mention engine building hardware. There are lots of companies selling engine parts that have never passed quality control.

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