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I've noticed that there is several types of EV-1 style connectors available from different manufactures. I've been thinking which one is the best.

Delphi Metri-Pack 280.1

Connector P/N wires 1.85 - 1.47 Cable O.D. - 12110179 (this one appears to be special order only, couldn't find it on mouser)

Connector P/N wires 2.15 - 1.65 Cable O.D. - 12129140

Connector P/N wires 2.66 - 2.0 Cable O.D. - 12129142

TE Connectivity / AMP

Connector P/N 444079-1

Splash Proof Connector P/N 282189-1

Connector P/N1-825414-5

You guys know the manufacturers part numbers? I just found the TE 144478-1 but it looks like it is discontinued.

I have used TE and Bosch versions. Bosch has 3 or 4 different part numbers that will work. I don't see a real advantage of one brand over another.