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Factory Wiring Grounding & Multiple Earth Points/Star Earthing - Ford

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Following on from the course about start earthing and apaptronics earthing explanation

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I cant figure out why a Ford AU would have its earthing for headlights and thermo fans etc connected to a body earth and then split off to the negative battery terminal? (see diagram below). From all the information available about start points, running a cable to both negative and body earth would cause ground offsets and ground loops? Would this be considered a factory flaw in design?


If i disconnected the negative battery terminal and upgraded the earth strap from chassis to engine & then engine to battery, that would essentially create a star point in the factory system. I'm currently fixing up the terminals and doing the big 3 upgrade and come across two wires that are directly mounted to the battery but also body earth on the same line.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as the factory setup seems to go against all information/rules I can find about automotive earthing.

That split doesn't actually look like it's looping anything.

It looks like the battery is grounded to the engine, and also grounded to the chassis (as it should be). And all the components are grounded to the chassis or the battery.

The line joining the battery ground and to the chassis ground is really just grounding the chassis to the battery.

The only way there would be a loop is if the engine was also grounded to the chassis.

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