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Fire detection diodes

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I am building a new loom for a mid engined race car that caught fire, and the driver continued racing, unaware, until he felt the flames reach the cockpit.

The owner of the vehicle has asked me to investigate fire detection for the engine bay. I know that small circuits with diodes can be built for this purpose. Does anyone know of an off the shelf motorsport sensor for fire?


Texense used to make the IRDLF-V90 that was common for air box fire detection but it doesnt look like it is available any more. Mclaren do a similar air box fire sensor but it is optical based so I suspect it could give false alerts from things like glowing manifolds if not enclosed in an airbox.


Contact these guys sounds like they can help you out.

Thank you for the tip. I have found a couple of other companies that also make automated extinguishing systems, that have pressure/activation sensors that can give an output when the system is activated - thought process being that if the system goes off, it has detected a fire.

The owner of the vehicle seems happy, we are now deciding which system to go with.

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