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First milspec loom

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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After some training and lots and lots of hours doing research, asking stuff here and directly to some members (thanks Ryan from True Wire that gave me some pointers that was reeeally helpfull, Ludo, Andre, and all the others that share knowledge here and I don't recall their names.

I've decided to build the rear chassis harness as my first because it would be a very simple loom to make, only 7 wires.

I started planning and then drew it using photoshop (I have to spend some time in vision do draw the moulded parts).

Now was the time to start buying the supplies, in Brazil we don't have access to any of this materials, so I had to buy from US, (1 USD = 4.1 REAL + IOF (credit card fee), this was a real pain in the butt and I searched all over the internet to find the best prices ever... I've found the Amphenol parts much cheaper then the Deutsch equivalents but Ryan convinced me to go with deutsch in the deutsch DT, DTM and DTP topic (https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/efi-wiring-fundamentals/show/dt-dtm-and-dtp).

My aunt was coming from boca raton to são paulo and she brought all the goodies for me:


I know it's not perfect but I'm very happy to get my hands in this high end stuff for the very first time, make my first loom with this quality. I didn't used the Resintech epoxy because it's very expensive and I don't think I would use all the 50ML now and would waste some money.

If you see something wrong please advise me....

When you start doin' milspec wiring its when you get to know the REAL meaning of PAIN IN THE ASS lol

Twisting 22 awg wires using one 18 AWG as core = PAIN

Slip DR-25 through the loom = PAIN²

But it's priceless to see the final results, it's very pleasing...

Very nice result !

That's a very tidy job, especially for a first attempt

Thanks you guys, your feedback is very importante to me.

Nice job. Amazing what a bit of prior planning and some careful work can yield.

Well done buddy, im about to start doing the same so I would very much like to see your progress and pictures, your first loom looks great!

Looks good to me, well done. Can you share some links that helped you to learn how to do this?

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