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Ford ZF 6HP26 to Haltech Elite Wiring

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi all, I currently have a vehicle in the shop with a drivetrain swap that has come in for a complete rewire. It is a 4L Ford Barra I6 mated to its original ZF 6hp26 (M-Shift) from a FG Ford Falcon. The ECU is a Haltech Elite 2500. Haltech have ZF CAN bus support, but i am a bit unsure on the wiring as i have only used this function with the falcon elite pro plugin ecu.

I have attached a TCM pinout, I cant find any info on what signals are sent for things such as the upshift/downshift, I would assume these are ground triggered?? I am also unsure what to do with the shiftlock, interlock and M-Gate pins, and can i disregard the Iso K line pin completly? (Dont need OBDII) or is this for something else?


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HI Did you have any luck sorting this out thanks

Hi, long story short no i did not. The vehicle went away to get other areas of the build finished, I will have to figure out this part when i get it back to finish wiring. Haltech support did point me in the direction of the ford fsm's and they have a few more hints of what each wires function is. A quick google will net you those service manuals. so no not sorted but im up for a bit of a challenge.

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