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Fuel Pump Wiring

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To put it simply I have bought some GEP products power distribution blocks, they're modular and clip together but I have noticed that most aftermarket power distribution blocks like the bussman ones have a stud for the power wire but mine obviously does not. Now I will be using one of them for relays it uses the 630 metripack connectors and will be going to my fuel pump, now my question is can I run a 14AWG wire from my battery to the 30 pin on the relay (and do i need to fuse it if so what size) or do I have to use something along the lines of 8AWG from my battery to a spot in my trunk and branch it off to my relay? The only reason I am doubting it is because in a previous install that I followed from someone else I ran an 8AWG wire from my battery to the trunk with a 30AMP inline 5AG fuse but I would rather not do that this time. Sorry there is so many questions in one go just would like to do it correctly.

The most important thing that you didnt mention is how much current does your fuel pump require? Also, what is the wiring distance from battery to fuel pump, and what type of wire do you intend to use?

Sorry that would be vital info the pump has a maximum Amp draw of 16 Amps and the length from the battery to the trunk is 4 metres in length and the wire I am wanting to use is TXL or tefzel depending on which of the two I find available I'm struggling to find a source that has the colours and gauge I'm after in Australia.

14AWG will give you about a 0.8V drop over the 4M length when the pump is at full noise, 12AWG would be 0.5V drop. I would probably err towards the 12AWG side if you need to run the pump near its max rating from long. Tefzel and TXL are pretty similar melting point so either will give similar results.

If you used regular PVC insulated wire then you would want to go to the next size up again.

Awesome information mate you have given me what I need to finish off this install so I appreciate that. Will post some pics when I have completed it for some feedback.

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