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Fuel Tank Hermetic Connector for Aftermarket Intake Pump

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I would think this is something which should be used often in Aftermarket. A bigger replacement intake fuel pump needs much more current than the stock one, especially if you consider the recent 450lp/h Deatschwerks and Walboro fuel pump.

I'm looking for a cheap hermetic bulkhead connector with current capacity up to 20Amps.

The only one I found is much too expensive:

I would like to instal it next to the OEM fuel tank connector. I'm wondering how you guys handle that?

Here is one low-cost option:

and here's another one:

I have used the connector pair from FuelSafe, but it's about US$200 for both sides of the connection.

Hi really

Thank you for the links. To be honest i don't reall like both of them.

Anymore suggestions?

These are a pretty cheap option, assuming the wiring is entering via the top of the tank. Being a fuel system, and the cost a fire could cause, I wouldn't shy away from spending the money on a proper connector like you originally posted. Cheers.

There are options available from Deutsch in the AS series -

There is one used on the RADIUM fuel cells/surge tanks but I couldn't find their part number. If someone knows it, please share it here.