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Fuel temp sensor and fittings

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Hi All,

I'm looking for some suggestions on adding a fuel temp sensor into the fuel line. I'm using AN-6 connections with PTFE braided hoses for the fuel line that I want to tap into. I have looked around for ways to connect into this and found straight through connectors with a 1/8 NPT connection, but all the temperature sensors I have found would potentially restrict the flow. One solution I guess is to add a flex-fuel sensor in the fuel return line as this appears to have temperature as well (I'm in the UK and we don't have E85 so don't really need the ethanol sensor side). Using a Motec M150 & the engine is an LS7. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks, Trev.

I designed and machined a new manifold-endcap for an Aeromotive Fuel filter to fit a temp sensor and have a -3 fitting for a remote mounted pressure sensor. You could machine a similar manifold that would accept AN6 fittings.

Pics attached.

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Thanks David, that is a nice solution. Sadly, though I don't have the equipment to do something similar. Was rather hoping there would be an off the shelf solution.

I'll continue looking ...

Find a buddy with a lathe.... or design your part with eMachineShop, and at least get a price. Who knows you might make 10 and sell them on ebay (or hpacademy)...

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