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EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Is is advisable to go straight to professional wiring or should I do the club wiring followed by the professional wiring ? Can a beginner approach the professional wiring course? I guess what I’m tryin to ascertain is would I loose fundamental skills going straight to the professional wiring?

Depends on your current skills. There are topics covered in the fundamental course like how to test resistance or use of tools and materials that wont be covered in depth in the professional wiring course.

Ah, I miss interpreted your post.

I would strongly recommend you go through them in order, so you are building on previously gained knowledge rather than trying to play 'catch up' instead, where you have to keep referring back to understand concepts, techniques, terminology, etc the more advances courses use and that you were expected to already be familiar with.

Even if you're relatively experienced, you may pick up on something that you were doing wrong, something you've forgotten, or some things that make the process much easier than what you were already doing.

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