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gear change ignition cut M150

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does GCIC need clutch swich for N to 1st gear and what output that suit for up/down shift solenoid value and can i use m150 to control DRS servo.if it can what output for drs dervo

What is a DRS Servo? What function will it perform?

Some folks will fit a clutch switch (either on the clutch pedal, or a pressure switch in the hydraulic line). I think that is the best way. Many race cars will use a steering button for the same function (usually enabled Neutral Lockout or similar).

This is not really for gear change ignition cut, but for sequential gear box control, using an actuator output for upshift and downshift. MoTeC's GPRP package will supply this functionality.

A Drag Reduction System can be controlled with an M1 using a custom Firmware build using M1 Build and a M1 Development license. The standard GP Packages do not have a function for this, other than using one of the Aux Outputs.

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