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I have a 2J swapped IS300. I am in the beginning stages of replacing the ECU and wiring harness. The existing ECU is a stock Toyota Aristo ECU with a piggyback controller. The splicing into the stock harness is not the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I'm looking for some help on what the broad steps are starting from where I'm at and going to a swapped ECU and wiring harness. I'm technically pretty competent so I don't need minute details just broad steps.

Where in Canada are you?

broad steps:

HP academy wiring fundamentals and club level courses

Pick an ECU brand/platform (lots of opinions out there, best advice is to figure out who you want to tune it and what kind of support you can get)

map your inputs and outputs (great time to go DBW and skip all the old failing bits)

determine locations and mount everything you need to wire

Figure out pinouts for everything

Measure lengths


power up, test outputs and inputs

Set base timing

Fire up, fix leaks

book dyno appointment



Honestly the courses cover this well and with good visuals. If you want a massive head start buy them.

Also buy my JZ connector kit haha

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