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Ground Splice

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently building a custom wiring harness for my track car and am having some doubts about my ground setup. My core wires are shielded 3 wire cables for the crank and both cam sensors, would I be OK splicing the grounds and running them back to the engine block efi ground; or should I run them separately to the efi ground.

You should use the sensor ground pin on your ECU not the engine block.

What ECU are you using? Some have a dedicated Crank/Cam Ground pin.

AEM infinity, The cam and crank sensors on a kseries engine use 12v, can I still use the sensor ground? could I also use sensor ground for the shield?

No dont use the sensor ground for the shield. If your ECU doesnt have a 'shield/screen' ground pin, ground it only one end (ecu side) and splice the shield into the ECU main ground with a solder sleeve which includes a flying lead IMO.

Use this: https://prowireusa.com/p-1922-shield-terminator-with-22-gauge-lead.aspx

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