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Guess The Connector

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Does anyone recognise the connectors on this?


It's a nice module that does soft-start on fans (and PWM if you connect it up as well), I'd like to get connectors to fit it. Aliexpress and the like will sell me pigtails but I'd rather not end up with a loom full of inline crims.



I guess "OEM Pigtail". If you want to use OEM parts, you will end up modifying existing OEM harnesses or buying pigtails when individual connectors aren't available. You could always add another connector to avoid splices (say a nice Deutsch DT or DTM series).

Mazda usually use industry-available connectors though. It looks like something Sumitomo perhaps (they use them for coil and cam angle sensors), I'm just hoping someone on here has dealt with one before. If not I'll trawl some parts catalogues.


Image in that has pictures of the connector. Definitely look like common connectors. If I manage to find them I'll post back here.

Oh you hero. That looks spot on! The second site isn't friendly shipping-wise, but that's the main connector sorted (and therefore the bit that's part of the main loom). Means the only hacky/adaptery bit would be between the module and fan which I could live with.

Ali seems to list a pre-wired loom from control module to fan if that helps.

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