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Hall effect speed sensor wiring

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I would like to use a hall effect speed sensor in my bike with an aftermarket ecu.

The sensor is from another bike and I have also attached the oem wiring file for that.

My question is that the sensor is a 12 volts so it's better to connect the ground in power ground or in sensor ground?

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I would use the power ground -- if you were to have a short between power and ground, that would only fry the wire, instead of potentially damaging a ground trace in the ECU.

I think I will use a 5v Hall effect sensor instead 12v taking power from ecu 5v witch is stable voltage and use the sensor ground.

You'll be find using the power ground with a digital sensor like this. My general rule is that I'll use the power ground if the sensors take 12V power, and the sensor ground if it takes 5v power.

Many thanks both of you.