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Haltech harness grounding question (13B)

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Hey guys, I've a question regarding proper sensor grounding.

I'm currently in the middle of routing my harness for an Elite 1500 on a 13b. Normally, the factory harness has a sensor ground that terminates on the rotor housings. However the supplied wiring diagram states that the sensor ground wires reference back to the Battery Negative terminal along with the main ECU ground. This appears to go with the star point grounding method (In this case the Negative Battery Post).

I apologize if this is common knowledge, but what is the significance of all grounds originating at the Negative terminal vs. grounding an extra sensor ground supply wire to the routing housing for a sensor reference similar to OEM?

If a large current flows through one ground path to the battery, there could be a voltage offset at any intermediate ground locations relative to other ground locations. If you use star-point grounding, it will prevent these possible voltage offsets. So absolute voltages remain more accurate.