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Haltech sprint 500 wiring

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I had purchase Haltech Sprint 500 and I am in the wiring step,

1) how did i connect the home and trigger cables , what is the different between them ? (my car contain just camshaft sensor).

how did i know which trigger i need + or -?

2) in addition i have water temp sensor with 3 wires and the input cables from the ECU is just 2 wire ,

can i connect to that sensor? if yes how please, or i need to replace it?

3) where the rev limiter cable need to connect? and the speedometer also?

4) what is better to connect: my stock map sensor or the internal map of the ecu? i will glad for explanation why.

5) there is 4 ignition cables and 2 coil pack (wasted spark) how did i connect it?

6) there is 4 injectors cables but i know that they work together 2 and 3 and 4 and 1 how did i connect it?



Being honest, you are asking a very detailed question and it's just one of those thing where you should do research to narrow your question down. You are essentially asking how to wire your whole engine to the ecu, AND explanations on why. I will give you some tips

1) what car is it? I've never wired a car without a crank sensor

2) i've never wired a 3 wire temp sensor. Are you sure it's a temp sensor?

3) Rev limiter is controlled by ecu, speedometer wire is digital input from a sensor on tranny

4) stock map sensor. it's neater

5) how do you have wasted spark with 2 coil packs on a 4cyl engine? doesn't the sprint control all coils in a normal operation?

6) Connect injector 1 wire to the injector thats the closest to the pulleys and work your way down. If it says wire it in firing order, then find out the firing order for the engine on google and then wire injector 1 to the first firing cylinder. 12v goes to the other side of the injector.

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