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Can you give me a part number or item name to search for when looking for the heat shrink label material? I also have the PL300 and want to make sure I order the right cartridge the first time. Thank you!


This is one I found on Amazon in my search:

G'day Josh. Yes, the PL300 is identicle to the dymo rhino machines, and takes the same cartridges. The one you've linked too is correct.

Knockoff ones are available from Aliexpress or similar, and they are really cheap. I bought a couple as a test and was not impressed. Out of the three I received, only one of them prints acceptably. The actual shrink used seems good quality, but if the printing doesnt come out crisp and clear, they're useless... So buyer-beware if you choose to go non-genuine.

I have had much better luck using normal DYMO Labels and then using Clear Dual Wall over the top. You can get a much better print quality and it does not rub off. If you do it on the base of the back shell it gives you a fatter option. It is also cheaper and you can put graphics on easier and use same size DYMO label and have a range of clear Dual Wall. I use Dual Wall as the glue seals the label and keeps everything out.

While you are at it you can colour match you function by using different label colours etc, Just as an alternative to printing heat shrink. On bulk looms I will use printed heat shrink as it is much quicker and places like ProWireUSA will print them in bulk