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I am going to be re making my interior harness soon and I'd like it to be done neatly and also well labelled.

Can anyone give me a recommendation on a suitable heat shrink label printer? I don't want to spend hundreds on a top level pro one as it won't receive that much use by me but also I don't want to skimp and get a cheap one that does a less than adequate job so something around mid level might be best. Perhaps in the $100 - $200 price range if this is possible.

Thanks for any advice.

I have been using a Dymo Rhino 4200 (buy the kit with the case and A/C Adapter/recharger). Here it is on your Amazon store:

Of note, the heat shrink cartridges are sized for the "flat" dimension, not diameter -- so you will want the 1/2" /12mm size for labels that are typically 1/4". Here are the label cartridges:

Thanks for the link. I had just found the 4200 and was wondering if that would be suitable. Also thanks for the advice about the sizing dimensions. So whatever size the box says you can roughly half it to get the diameter of the wire it will fit?

I shall get one ordered and look forward to all my future wiring jobs being neatly labelled, I must also remember to order some clear heat shrink as I doubt the labels would last long uncovered in an automotive environment.

The math would say that you would get "Label Width * 2 / 3.1415" diameter (or 7.64 mm (0.30") for the 12mm (1/2") size).

The consumable cost is somewhat high for that, but it doesn't waste much with each printing, unlike my Kroy PC-3000 that wastes an inch or so of material for each label (so I print 4 or 5 at a time to reduce the waste). Overall I've been very happy with the Dymo, and if I were to only have one, that would be my choice.

I also have the 4200 and love it. great for your small shop/personal stuff.

The one we have here is the Rhino 6000, and I can confirm, they're good machines. The consumables are available from aliexpress very cheaply too, but buyer beware, my initial experiment had a hit-rate of only one out of the three cartridges I purchased actually being usable.

I ordered the 4200, I did have a look at the 6000 but I didn't see any advantages for me over the 4200 for what I'll be using it for.

I got some cheap cartridges from an amazon shop NEQUZA, hopefully they have a better rate than one in three as the Dymo cartridges seem really expensive, whereas the Nequza one I can get 4 for less than the price of a single Dymo one.