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Heatshrinkable tubing Raychem SCL or Raychem ATUM

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hello all,

I was wondering what the difference in application or use is between Raychem SCL or Raychem ATUM heatshrinkable double wall tubing? Can you use both types for applications like splices, connector back end, breakouts, etc., or is there a preferred one?

Thank you!

I looked it up, it seams ATUM has a higher shrink ratio so it can sometimes fit over a connector to repair a harness. While SCL is listed as "semi-rigid", ATUM maybe more flexible, and recovers at slightly lower temperature.

For a non-professional harness, I would just use cheap dual wall heatshrink for most applications.

SCL looks nicer due to its semi-gloss black finish. It is stiffer and seals better.

ATUM is available in up to 4:1 shrink ratio and overall is thinner and more flexible.

I use both for different purposes.

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