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help making a plug and play adapter harness?

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hey everyone I am trying to create a plug and play adapter for my 91 talon to a link stormX, so far I have made some good progress on playing connect the dots between the two wiring diagrams I have for the link ecu and the factory ecu now I am left with the things I do not understand where they would go could someone please help with that? also I know on my conversion diagram I have not added power wires/sensor grounds but I am aware that they need to be wired up so all that is listed is the signal wire. if anything is missing I would really appreciate to know! and one last thing the idle switch I was a bit confused on I know what it is and how it operates its just a single wire grounding circuit that when the throttle opens it is no longer grounded but if the ecu has a tps signal will this still be needed? Also on the dieagram I made on the link side A and B refer to the connector as it uses 2 just to be clear.

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