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Help with wire size conversion

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I own a GM vehicle and in the OEM wiring schematics, they are listing wire sizes as .5, .75, 1, 1.5, 2.5, etc. I looked over the AWG to metric conversion chart provided in the Wiring Fundamentals course, but the numbers GM are using didn't match up. Would anyone have an idea of what AWG wire size matches what GM is listing as wire sizes? I attached an image for reference. Any help would be appreciated.


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There is obviously no direct match due to the odd conversion between AWG and real units. But here it is roughly:

0,5 mm² = 20 AWG

0,75 mm² = 19 AWG

1 mm² = 18 AWG

1,5 mm² = 16 AWG

2,5 mm² = 14 AWG

Great, I appreciate the help Christoph!

PDF attached.

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  • AWG-American-Wire-Gauge-To-Metric-Sqmm-Millimeters-Squared-Conversion-Table.pdf
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Thank you, Rustin!

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