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How to make Wiring Diagramms?

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi everyone

I already planed and built a few Motorsport-Harness with the DR-25 System and tried different technics to do the shematics and wiring diagramm. After I tried a few different technics, I'm feeling still unconfident how I should draw wiring diagrams and what specs should be on the them and if it's really necessary to plot every singel wire in the loom.

So I would really like to see, how your wiring diagrams looks like and how you have done them (Software ,just a shematic or draw every sigle wire? etc. ).

My own expierince:

On the first wiring harness, I just used some paper and a pen to draw a wiring diagramm. Worked but haven't looked professional. Later I made harness layouts in Microsoft Visio, which worked well. I tried also to plot all connections in Viso, but that is really a pain, and is not absolutely needed for building of the harness. The latest harness Layout had a List of Pin function on every connector. But it turned out, that this wasn't the best idee, after added and changed some wires. You have to pay alot of attention to not forget to change the label on each connector.

So maybe a smart Excel sheet with all Pin assignation together with a simpel Visio harness Layout could to the best job in least time. However I'm delighted to see your shematics and diagrams and to get some inputs!

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I like them close and tidy

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I am not a professional. I just do my own thing. On my first harness project some 10 years ago I really sweated how to go about it. In the end I've settled on just keeping an accurate record of every connector on the harness via an Excel spreadsheet. The most important thing is to remember to update the spreadsheet when making changes down the road.

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