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Ideal Stripmaster and 22awg wire

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So ive been slowly scraping away at getting hold of some decent tools and material to practice with and have struck a hurdle.

Stripmaster strippers with L-4421 blades (full disclosure here, I bought strippers with L-4421M metric blades and swapped them, of course now the complete tool comes up for sale in Australia when I google)

Raychem Spec 44 22awg wire (I havent been able to find TXL wire in or deliverable for a sane price to Australia in under 18AWG)

The strippers do 18AWG TXL fine, they do some random 20AWG I had sitting around fine, they do spec 44 18AWG fine (in the 20AWG hole) but cant do much other than shave the 22AWG spec 44.

the markings on the blades have 20AWG above the smallest hole and 22AWG above it, am I meant to use the 20AWG hole or is there a secret trick for 22AWG?

This is all for practice and for my real life needs TXL 22awg will be fine (if I can find it) and will probably solve the problem, but I would rather know I am doing it right and not missing something.

G'day Royce.

You've got the right tool frame, but the blades you're after are the L4994 blades, which should be supplied with the frame if you order part number 45-097.

Strictly speaking, they're not the correct tool for any M22759 mil-spec wire, you should use the Ergo Elites, or the Custom Stripmaster Lites... But that being said, I use them with the L4994 blades on the M22759 wire frequently and have never had a problem.

Hope that helps!

Bugger, I chose those blades as I wanted to do larger sizes as well, oh well I haven't ordered anything from Element14 in 2 days, they will be missing me

Thanks Zac, hurry up with the new courses so I stop shopping for bits!