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infinity 2 cam/crank setup

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First congratulations Aundre!!!


Long story short I have series 2 AEM (not VE based) and want to switch to the VE based infinity6. confused about cam/Crank sensor compatibility with this switch.

Engine Honda 3.5L V6 2003 Vtec (direct support from Series 2 see image)

Crank sensor Hall 24 tooth

Cam sensor Hall 4 -- (a bit more detail added here..) It may have a 12 tooth crank.. no big deal. however the cam wheel only has 4 teeth on one 180 degree segment of the wheel.

Infinity6 supports only the J35A1... which is a different pickup and not compatible.

Only solution I see in the Infinity6 is Generic 24-1 Hall Hall selection (see attached images), which would require modification or a design of my own Cam wheel.


1. Can I just grind 3 of the 4 hall tabs off the stock wheel pick up?

2. Assuming question 1 is a yes, can someone walk me through the setup of the generic 24-1 hall hall setup? I see that it requires ignition sync setup. how difficult is this?

3. Will only having 1 cam pickup effect the functionality of Vtech engagement? Can it be compensated/controlled with 1 cam tooth?

4. Are there aftermarket pickup wheels available? if so where? If not I hold an Mechanical engineering degree and can design one to be laser cut.

Thanks in advance


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AEM answered this... http://aemelectronics.com/?q=forum/cam-pickups-j35a4-v6-infinity6

but I'm still wondering about the sync process.

The sync setup is pretty straightforward. You can do this through the 'Ignition Sync' option in the setup wizard. You can lock the timing to a specific value using this wizard and then adjust the trigger offset until the timing you see with a timing light matches the ignition value that you've locked the timing to. It's pretty straightforward.

The Vtec system is completely different to continuously variable cam control and as such it doesn't need high resolution multi-tooth inputs from the cam sensor.

cam gear edited... image attached..

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