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Injectors wire sizing

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Renewing wiring harness for Skoda Octavia 2 engine BGU, I noticed that wires that supply power are thicker (1mm^2 or around 16AWG ) while ground wires are quite thin (0,35mm^2 or 22AWG), initially I was going to go with 22AWG for both, but now I have second thoughts. I've checked the wiring diagram it also states that wires are supposed to be different in thickness. Could you please explain why is that the case and whether it can backfire on me if I do it my way anyways?

Thanks a bunch


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Hello i would be using 16 on both this is what I have always used and I have no formal reason why I just do

Regards ross

What sort of injectors are they (Peak Hold or Saturated?) if they are P/H injectors with a higher current requirement then a 20AWG would be used for the individual injector lead, spliced from a 18AWG feed. For Saturated injectors you could use 22AWG wiring due to the lower current requirements for these injectors.

Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure they're saturated ones since the resistance is 12-17 Ohms. The main thing that I'm struggling to comprehend is why there are two different kinds of wires used. Just trying to get a good understanding of the idea behind it so that I can justify choice of wires. Any ideas ?

Thanks a bunch


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