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so, i got a mtx-D egt and olie pressure and temp. Sensor.

Is it posible to connect them tot the ecu.

On the instructions I can’t find a output for a ecu connecting.

Is this possible?

dear regards.

All the manuals are here:

It would seem to me you can not connect them to your engine ECU. They seem to mostly work as stand alone gauges, but have data logging ability when connected to a laptop with a serial cable. I could be very wrong.

I guess the ECU inputs would have to come directly from the sensors rather than from the gauge.

Thanks Jonny,

i'm assuming the sensors are voltage based, so then i could connect both the gauge and ecu to the sensor directly ?

or could this possibly give some problems ?

I would say most likely not. Someone tried on our forum (Link) with a similar MTX gauge and it does some weird stuff, it seems like it has only a single channel ADC inside and switches between measuring the two sensors, when it does that it has to turn the pull-up resistor on and off everytime so the ecu will just see a constantly cycling input.

Have a look at this post from about half way down the page: