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Issues with Wiring and COP's on standalone ecu

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I am trying to come up with a solution to an issue that I am having on a new COP conversion and not having much luck. and thought i would through it out here and see if anyone had any ideas.

I am running a DTA S80 in a twin turbo 911 (aircooled) it is twin plug and I am running each cylinder off a single ignition channel I am running a 4 wire Delphi COP and the car starts and runs fine. the issue is when you cycle the key ( Car not running just power up ) it will trigger the COP's and backfire through the intake or exhaust. Not sure if I can trigger the COP power relay differently to stop this from happening or if there is another known solution.

Not sure if this is in the correct section of the forum

Thanks Rob

I have seen this before but to be honest it was so long ago I don't have much recollection as to how we solved it. How are the coils powered? Is this separate to the ECU power supply? I'd think that if you could delay the power supply to the coils until after the ECU is powered up you will find this issue disappears.

I have also experianced this problem with a friends car. He has wired it similarly. With one ignition channel activating the power to the ECU and the coils at the same time. Would be very interesting to find the reason why. As it scares the living crap out of me when it backfires.