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Just wondering how to depin this connector

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I'm just curious how to remove the pins from this connector (I've attached a picture). It looks like there's 2 tabs on each side holding in the plastic lock. I'm assuming I'll need some sort of tool to do this? I was trying to get at it was just a standard thin pick, but I would have to release both tabs at the same time to get the orange lock out (I'm assuming).

This is on a Bosch knock sensor for an Evo 9.

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Looks like a sumitomo DL 2 connector.

Maybe you can find some instructions online knowing the name.

Not one I've done personally, but using a couple of small picks, possibly right angled, can you get the locking tab out? Once that is out, it should be a case of releasing the terminal locking tabs (part of the gray body) and the pins will withdraw from the rear.

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