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K Type Thermocouples

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I added a K-Type thermocouple to each runner on my new manifold, but don’t like the extensions/wiring that came with them to extend the sensor wiring to a CAN module.

I was reading the RB Racing page (linked below but also referenced in a couple places on this forum):


and understand using the special shielded cable referenced as well as special terminals if using a Deutsch connector. What I am not sure on is if you need to use special type of “open barrel” for the splice. Believe it or not the instructions have you use a small bolt and nit through the ring terminals on the sensor and the extension harness with Heatshrink.

Any junction should be of the correct alloys so that would include a splice if you were to use one. I have never seen a chromel or alumel splice so I think you will probably have to use a connector instead of a splice.

The Deutsch TC pins are nice but they are expensive as hell, like USD$15 per pin, so basically $60 of pins per 2pin connector set... Standard industrial mini TC connectors are much cheaper but not as secure or nice to look at. Having said that I have never seen any give a problem in motorsport use but you can put a cable tie or safety wire through the hole in them to make them more secure.

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