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Hi Guys,

I am having a silly issue with the cooling fan on my Micra....

- Car and wiring are completely stock and everything runs fine on the OEM ECU

- I 've installed an PnP Haltech Elite 1500, using the 64-pin nissan adaptor (for S13, S14, S15, N14 Sr20s and my humble CG13 K11)

The fan generally operates as it should BUT it switches ON, when the ignition switch is completely off (car-key-in-pocket-Off, not just engine off). I would understand some kind of "heat soak" delay with the power still on, but this is not the case here, since the engine is running below the fan threshold when switching off.

Any hints?


hi epameinonda. nice to see you and meet you here. did you check the fan settings?

Hi Antreas, nice to meet you too.

I got a reply from Haltech support. The Haltech PnP adapter connects a DBW output instead of a DPO to the fan relay. The DBW outputs are grounded when the ECU if turned off, and because the FAN relay has constant power, the fan starts.

I have to either re-wire the relay, or swap the DBW output to a DPO on the harness patch and this should solve the problem.