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Kill Switch (master disconnect switch) options?

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Hey, I wanted to ask and see what master disconnect switches everyone prefers and which ones to stay away from. I'm personally building a car for some track duties on the road course. I've searched and seen a lot of people use the Summit racing Quick car master disconnect switch. It's $30 and that seems very cheap. I don't mind spending the money on something nice since I would rather do it right the first time. Let me know know you're opinions guys.

G'day Marcus. Just had a look at the summit racing switch, and it does look pretty good. Seems like it has a cast switch knob, which should be pretty robust.

The thing that kills them more than anything else is vibration, but for a street car/weekend warrior you're likely to still have a rubber mounted engine and gearbox, so this will be less of a concern.

If you're building anything that's likely to vibrate like crazy (solid mounted engine / gearbox / diff) you'll be best mounting the switch panel on rubber isolators, or going to an integrated circuit / solid state kill switch.


Thanks for responding to my post. This item is a bit pricey but have you ever used this or think its worth the price?*